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We offer personal service and quality legal representation across Iowa from our offices in Des Moines. Our practice focuses on Criminal Defense and Personal Injury so that we are better able to serve our clients and help ensure the best possible outcome in each case we handle. We are committed to seeking justice for people that have been accused of crimes in state and federal courts and fighting insurance companies on behalf of people that have been injured through someone else’s fault. If you are in need of legal services in these areas we want to help you. You can contact us to set up an initial meeting with either Gerald B. Feuerhelm at no cost. Thank you for coming to our website.

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Gerald "Jake" Feuerhelm

Attorney Gerald "Jake" Feuerhelm has been practicing criminal defense law in the Central Iowa area for twenty five years. He has represented clients in cases ranging from traffic violations to murder in the first degree. Mr. Feuerhelm grew up in Lansing, Iowa. He received his undergraduate degree in political science at Loras College in Dubuque in 1975 and his law degree from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa in 1979. After serving as a student intern in the Jasper County Attorney's office while a third year law student, he went on to become the Assistant Jasper County Attorney from 1979 through 1981.

Mr. Feuerhelm's knowledge of the courts, judges, court staff and opposing counsel based on his many years of experience allows him to provide his clients with the best possible representation and maximum opportunity for the client to receive the best result in either the criminal law or personal injury areas.


Criminal Defense & Personal Injury


Criminal law covers “public wrongs”, or offenses against the public and order. The federal, state, and local governments all define these laws and prosecute people who commit these crimes. Public wrongs range from traffic violations to the most serious offenses such as rape or murder. Those charged with a crime all called “defendants”.

They are represented by defense attorneys, while the government that charges the defendant is represented by an attorney called a “prosecutor”. If you are charged with a crime, you will need representation by an attorney with experience in criminal defense in order to protect your legal rights.

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There are various ways that Personal Injury may result. Personal Injury may be caused by defective or dangerous consumer goods, motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls or even animal attacks. Personal Injury attorneys are experienced with recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of your case. They know before you pursue legal action if you have a potential case and what would be needed to make it stronger. Personal Injury attorneys work the experts in various areas that assist with intelligently investigating the technical and medical aspects of your case as well as investigators to complete all the details. Competent Personal Injury attorneys make certain all investigations in your case are completed to ensure everything is done precisely and correctly.

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